New chemo oncologist

My oncologist at Cedars suggested I find a local place to get my chemo, so she told me to find a local doctor willing to work with her. After phoning all the local hospitals and clinics and getting a lot of "I dunno" type of answers, I tried the American Cancer Society which somehow eventually led me to a tiny little local place that is only a 15 mins drive away. The doctor is a Chinese woman, same age as me, kind of disheveled and the building the office is in is having building work, so it was also a bit of a mess.

These things aren't great, but I really don't think they matter and more importantly, there were some pretty nice things about it too that I think make it a good option.

The two nurses in her office were incredibly friendly, communicative, and clear. (You know how in nice places they offer you a bottle of water? Well here they offered me a bottle of Ensure! I understand that people getting chemo need to keep their stomach full to help stave off nausea. Still, it was a funny switch and a reminder of the world I'm entering.) Anyway, back to the good aspects of this option. The doctor answers her own phone and is happy to answer any questions. This is big, since it was a bit tricky to get directly in touch with my oncologist at Cedar's. The office is small, on the second floor, and the parking is easily accessible (this is a big plus for when we have to drag 3 coolers of dry ice and cold gloves & caps to freeze my extremities - something I need to do to avoid neuropathy, where you hands and feet go numb or have pins & needles, sometimes permanently).

Right now they're trying to arrange to have my port put in by a surgeon next week. That's a rubber thing implanted in my chest which connects to my veins so they don't have to put a massive needle in my arm every time I get a treatment or some other medications. Although the chemo is only 1 day every 2 weeks (for 16 weeks), they're going to be giving me all sorts of other things to make it possible to give me this dense dosing (i.e. to elevate my white blood cel count) which may also have side effects. It's all pretty daunting.