1 week down, 15 more to go...

That was week one and oh boy... it was a doozy. Yesterday was a masssive step forward, and now I have a little energy to write again and communicate with people. It is incredible how intensely bad I suddenly felt... really mind-blowing to me. it was a real efffort to just stay human, I can't explain it. The pain and nausea just dominated my reality entirely.

Spoke to Norman yesterday and I think that the next one might not be quite as horrific because the port will have healed by then. Of course that's like saying you'll only be a bit shot in the head... you're still getting that shot in the damn head. Still, I have to hang on to the good news where I can, there are 7 more treatments.

I am calling on every ancestor and every secret super power I might have for the next few months of treatment, I need them.