Yesterday they ran tests to see how the chemo and neulasta is working and we got the results:

My white blood cel count is 3.0 (normal range is 4.0-10.5)
My absolute neutraphil count is 1.35 (normal range is 1.5-8.0)

This means that I have no immune system to defend me from infection and if I get sick, that slows down the treatment. Dr Tang has asked me to try to avoid people until my next treatment, so that we can see if the next injection of neulasta helps more. I canceled physiotherapy today and I'll do my therapy with Christina tomorrow online. As annoying as it is, it's still helpful and effective to talk to her remotely. I really need the physiotherapy and I was so looking forward to it, this is very frustrating. I'm also feeling pretty isolated and was looking forward to just being able to see Ian and maybe Heidi over the next few days.

This entire thing is horrible and everything about it just keeps on reminding me of that. It is incredibly weird to be in the middle of what is basically people slowly, painfully killing this cancer and maybe me too...