Useful article about how to deal with shitty cancer feels

Back when I first heard I had cancer, I was loathe to tell friends and loved ones since the passing on of bad news isn't exactly fun. At the time though, most people made it very easy to talk about it and eventually I got used to it to the point where I could stop apologizing beforehand and simply state it as a fact about my life at the moment.

But some people reacted with fear and anger, expressing those feelings to me, antagonizing my own negative feelings about having cancer (which I have a lot of, obviously). Initially my reaction was to pull away, to protect my fragile mind from the negative fury they were venting on me. A friend (a very smart writer I recently met who educates people about people) sent me this article which I was able to pass on to those people and get a very positive result and I want to post it here so that I don't forget it: