Third treatment

Yesterday I had my third chemo treatment and today my third neulasta injection. My brother Sam took me to both, which went very well. I was a bit nervous since he doesn't get to drive much, but he did great getting me there and back, and even more impressively his attention to detail and care made the 5 hours of chemo go pretty smoothly, and I was able to take dramamine and ativan so that I wasn't feeling so anxious and nauseous throughout. His calm and caring demeanor was so comforting, very happy he was able to come.

Right now I can feel the edge of the nausea threatening, looming as it does on a Thursday. I'm keeping myself as hydrated as I can and taking my L-Glutamine, hoping to head off the worst of it as early as I can. The neulasta injection feels like a bruise in my stomach, but that'll spread out by tonight and by Saturday I guess the bone pain will have started... Sam leaves on Saturday, but I've got Shannon coming by on Sunday for a bit and while Joe is at work on Tuesday, Ian will come by to help out. Hopefully by next week I'll start to recover. The pattern seems to be 10 days off, 4 days on, but my first treatment had brutal side effects because I was still taking that anti-stress supplement that had an amplifying effect on the chemo, and my second was hard because I got such a rough cold. Maybe it's overly optimistic, but I'm hoping I can weather this one a little better.

I guess we'll just have to see how it goes.