Going down?

The blood test results came back from my pre-chemo test on Tuesday and yes, my white blood count is good (6.9, down from last week but still good), but nearly everything else wen't down and I'm a bit perturbed by that.

Lowered potassium will make it harder to get through the pain of neulasta (which is already pretty unbearable, so that's a shame) and how am I meant to heal if my protein, calcium, albumin, and red blood count are so low? Why have they dropped so low? Was it the antibiotics I took last week or was it a throat infection sapping me? And how do I bring these levels up?

Dr Tang says "everything is fine", which is worrying since it clearly isn't. So I emailed Dr Basho at Cedars and hopefully she'll be able to give me some more information about this. I don't know what I'm meant to do, I feel like I'm dying, but I felt like that after the neulasta last time so I guess I have to just ride this out and hope I'm not dying. This is miserable.

I'm watching Studio Ghibli films to try and keep my spirits up and Sam is here helping me out. If I am dying, at least it's nice here. I don't know how I'm meant to feel about this, or even what to do anymore.