Still here

That one was a doozy, but unlike the last two treatments, it's a week later and I can actually deal with things. Doctors kept telling me that I'd have a "week off" inbetween treatments, though they did warn that the bone pain from the neulasta might make that difficult. But this week I feel like me again! Not a very good version of me, I'm weak and shaky, my stomach aches a little, my hair is falling out in handfulls, and I'm tired all the time. 

But I feel like me. 

I like this.


An addendum to my last post about bad test results: The lab seems to have mixed up (hey look at that, it isn't just doctors who are disturbingly mistake-prone... ugh) and emailed me the bloody last test results, i.e. the ones from when I had the infection/cold, after my second chemo. The actual test results came in yesterday and they're good, (apart from some weird bone marrow stuff that they expected from the neulasta. Let's just hope these assholes don't accidentally give me bone cancer.) Now I can finally start trying to get back to life.