Once more unto the breach...

Chemo tomorrow, then neulasta on Thursday.

By now we know exactly what that means. I've tried to warn the people who might be hurt that I won't be able to talk much (at least not coherently) or read (without puking) so communication is out for a few days. William is coming so I'll have help over the weekend, which is great. That tends to be when I get so wobbly that I'm not able to eat or drink enough, so someone to help me take care of myself is essential then.

And knowing that I'm about to take my fourth journey into the proverbial heart of darkness, I made sure to see people, be social. Shannon came over and hung out at the weekend, then today I went for lunch with Heidi. It was almost normal. And it's good to see them when I'm healthier because then at least I can talk and have a really good chat. Seeing them right after chemo is dismal, since I'm so monosyllabic and talking is so hard, better to see my more silent-type friends when I'm that much of a mess.

So I'm ready I guess... have to be honest, I'm not doing much to prep right now though. I've got the kit already in the bag, Joe is loading the ice into the cooler for the ice-caps and gloves. We've got lots of bland, mushy food I can eat when I'm wrecked... not sure what else to do. It's hard to admit that beyond some basic staying-alive stuff, there's really not much I can do to mitigate this experience. Just have to go and do it.